It’s About Time!

The NAPCG recently participated in the 2012 Tennessee Pet Stylists Super Show in Knoxville, Tennessee. Not only was there a creative competition with three distinct levels, but a super fun creative promenade as well. While the competitions were fun to watch, the highlight of the weekend for the NAPCG and it’s members was the presentation of the first US Silas Award.

Show Producer, Susan Porterfield, made the admirable decision to ban the use of potentially dangerous products from her competitions. Susan is understandably concerned with the safety and welfare of the animals involved in her competitions and used very explicit rules that clearly stated bleach and oxidizing dyes would NOT be allowed. By doing so, The Tennessee Super Stylists Show received the first Silas Award to be given in the United States! The Silas Award was conceived in 2010 as a way for the NAPCG to honor and acknowledge professional grooming shows that make every effort to keep the animals safe and protect the professional integrity of our industry. This award has been presented in other countries, but until now had never been presented in the US.

This is only the third grooming show Susan has produced, but that didn’t stop her from taking a stance on behalf of the animals and the industry she loves. Let’s hope that other show producers will follow suit and make the right decision concerning their creative competitions so that creative grooming can be appreciated for the beautiful art that it is and everyone can rest knowing that no animals are ever put at risk.

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