Thanks and Giving

I’ve noticed this thing going around on social media such as facebook, where people list something daily that they are thankful for. I’m not so sure why November seems to be the time that everyone gives ‘thanks’ for what they have, it’s really something we should be doing every day of our lives. I’m guilty too…we live in a fast paced, materialistic world and we often forget to be thankful for the simple things in our lives; things like a home, food, water, and love.

I want you to meet someone. Her name is Matty. She is very thankful…very thankful. Not that she has had a lot to be thankful for in her short little life as Matty is only about 2 years old. At some point, Matty was discarded at the shelter…neglected, unwanted, and miserable. Matty had been at the rescue for quite some time and no one had even thought of rescuing her. Not until NAPCG member April Perry walked in the door. The staff begged April to take her, as her time was nearing an end and Matty would be euthanized.

April found Matty cowering in the corner of her cage…terrified and alone. She was a matted, filthy mess. She had twelve inch long matts hanging from her body that were caked with urine and feces. April was warned to use caution when reaching in the cage for Matty, but her sister had accompanied her and she wrapped her hand in a towel and reached inside anyway. Matty never moved a muscle…she was too terrified.

After a long day of work with regular clients, April took Matty to her salon at 8:30 p.m. to begin the cleaning and grooming process. April could have simply shaved her naked, but her heart broke looking into those sad eyes that could not understand what was happening. Eyes that were not only sad, but also lonely, confused, and afraid. April wanted to do everything she could to keep this little girl safe, yet leave her some dignity by saving even a tiny amount of hair.

April is a very skilled, professional groomer, and it took every ounce of skill and patience to get the job done. She worked on Matty for three hours that night…then another two hours the next day. She accomplished her goal of keeping Matty safe, yet retaining some amount of coat for the little girl. Matty was good for the long and tedious process. The only time she panicked was when the water was turned on to rinse her. By the time the job was done, Matty trusted April enough to stand for photos.

Matty is now in a foster home with April…awaiting a forever home. She is an absolute sweetheart who is content to lie at your feet while watching television. She has a new bed that she loves and insists that it be with her at all times. She is housebroken, but you must be willing to accompany her outside.

Want to know what I am thankful for? I am thankful that Matty, a single dog in the thousands who fill shelters across the country, was saved. Think that saving one dog doesn’t make a difference? Tell that to Mattie; a dog whose spirit had been broken by neglectful abuse and was mere days away from death, but now has a second chance at a new life. 

I am thankful that there are people like April Perry in this world, people who give of themselves to help those animals in need. April wasn’t paid or compensated for what she did. She did it because she saw a dog who desperately needed help; a dog who didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of being adopted. She did it because her heart broke at the sight of a helpless soul who truly needed her. Matty may not have ‘words’ to speak with, but she didn’t need them…her eyes told April everything she needed to know.

I’m sure Matty would gladly post what she is grateful for…but like so many furkids, she doesn’t have that option. This is why it is our responsibility to be the voice for those who cannot speak. So while everyone plays the facebook game of posting what you are thankful for, please don’t forget that “giving” is just as important as “thanks”.

If you are interested in adopting Matty and giving her the forever home she deserves, please contact Roll Over Animal Rescue at (847-703-0337) or ([email protected])

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