About Us

“I was watching Justine Cosley groom her standard poodle, Silas, in the image of Gene Simmons from Kiss when I knew that creative grooming was for me. I could imagine myself in the competition ring someday, but that was not all I envisioned. I saw creative grooming as something more than just a hobby. More practical versions of the techniques used in the ring could be applied in my salon. I immediately began a plan to offer creative services, but before I got too far ahead of myself, I had to learn how to do it.”

“My highest priority has always been the health of both my own personal pets as well as the health of my clients. So, I wanted to know – Are these products really safe? How do I know they’re safe?”

“At the time, there were virtually no sources of creative information available, so I sought the advice of creative competitors. Surely if they were performing these immaculate designs and coloring nearly every inch of their dog’s bodies, then they could explain how and why what they were doing is safe. Yet, time after time, I only heard ‘if it’s safe for humans, then it’s safe for pets.’”

“For months, I followed this advice, using products that I now know are dangerous. Fortunately, I was never entirely satisfied with such a simplistic explanation, so I began researching. Reading through cosmetic journals, sifting through scientific articles, and receiving input from various professional fields, I found that many coloring products are not even safe for humans, let alone our pets!”

“Our clients and our pets rely on us, as pet owners and professional groomers, to keep them safe. Because I myself have regretfully and unknowingly used harmful products, it is my goal to prevent other groomers from making the same mistake. My passion for their safety as well as my passion for creative grooming led me to offer the information that I gathered in terms more easily understandable but still thorough and informative.”

“Knowing that many other groomers have found themselves in predicaments similar to what I experienced, I felt obligated to my fellow groomers and to the industry as a whole to found the NAPCG to set standards for creative grooming and to offer the educational opportunities for which I longed.”

“While the NAPCG exists to serve groomers, the most important goal for the organization is to protect the animals.”

-Amy Brown, founder and president of NAPCG